Saturday, September 1

capturing the end of summer...

Chicken and waffles, y'all.  Chicken.  And.  Waffles.  I love living in
the South.

Also, do you miss the Olympics yet?  I miss my excitement over the
countdown sign at the grocery store.  Can we get a countdown to
the 2014 winter Olympics going in the soda aisle, please?

Summer without 4-H doesn't really exist in my world, and I'm glad
I had such a great experience as an adult volunteer at the camp
where I worked in college this summer.

I also enjoy summer vacation, immensely, and take every chance
I can get to eat lunch in a restaurant as I like to imagine "real
people" get to do all the time.


Back-to-school shopping.  This year's staples for me are primary colors, 
prints, and sleeveless.  Add $3 Goodwill skirts and I am set for picture
day and beyond.

Goodbye for now, lazy days spent drinking coffee in bed and reading 
books by my favorite painting, my favorite lamp, my favorite window.  

Have you ever tried Throat Coat tea?  I learned about it when I was on 
the committee that brought concerts to my university.  It was on 
Rufus Wainwright's rider that we had to provide him with Throat
Coat tea and Burt's Bees lip balm.  My throat gets scratchy this time of
year when I go from barely speaking in the daytime to lecturing for 
large chunks of time.

One more time at camp before the summer ends... we had a reunion
for staff members from the camp's whole history... it was great to
hear stories from the 70's, 80's, and 90's and to tell some of our own.
And, of course, to pretend to be Katniss on the archery range.
I also pretended to be Stephanie Plum on the indoor shooting range,
but thought a picture of me shooting a pistol might be a big scary.

What have your favorite summer memories been this year?

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