Tuesday, June 7

Style: Yogi Surprise Subscription Box Review

It certainly does seem that there is a subscription box out there for every interest and hobby: as you all probably know, I'm a little bit addicted to Stitch Fix, and I'm mighty tempted by all of the lovely looking YA book and geeky subscription boxes that are out there. For a while, Mr. Q even got in on the action with a cycling subscription. When I started to see ads for Yogi Surprise boxes, I was intrigued - I've really become devoted to my yoga practice over the past few years as I've seen my mood become more stable and even my bone density improve (I can't prove that was because of yoga, but it certainly seems to be the case). I stalked the Yogi Surprise website and Facebook page for a while, but when I saw that a jewelry item I'd been coveting for a while was going to be included in the May box, I had to treat myself to a little early birthday gift. 

There are two Yogi Surprise boxes: a Lifestyle box and a Jewelry box, both centered around a monthly theme. The Lifestyle box is $44.95 each month and includes 6-8 full-sized items such as body oil, organic skincare items, a neti pot, yoga gloves, herbal teas, healthy chips, granola bars, and peanut butter cups. All products are GMO free and vegetarian. According to the website, the boxes have a $70 average retail value. The jewelry box, which is $24.99 each month) includes two handcrafted pieces, most often a bracelet and a necklace, and a seasonal chocolate treat. Yogi Surprise jewelry is nickel, lead, and cadmium tree, fair trade, and made with sustainably harvested materials. Subscribers are automatically charged on the 15th of each month and boxes ship out on the first week of the month (June boxes shipped yesterday). On top of my box, I found a card explaining the May theme and explaining the monthly giveaway - each month, one member can win $1000 cash to go on the yoga retreat of his/her choice by posting a photo with their box on social media.

The first thing I noticed about this subscription box was the cute packaging - even the outside of the box was well branded. Underneath the information card was a cute packet of chocolate candies and nice jewelry pouches that I'll definitely repurpose for traveling.

The flip side of the card gives information about each piece and the candy. My two jewelry items were a sandalwood, pearl, and amazonite mala (the yoga jewelry of my dreams!) and a labradorite and jade bracelet.

Here's a closer look at the 'Balance' Sandalwood, Pearl and Amazonite Mala. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that tassel jewelry, especially necklaces, is a major trend this summer. Until recently I didn't know that most of these pieces are actually inspired by the tradition of 108 bead malas (thanks to Kara from Boho Berry for the education!). 

While, as a Christian, I do not believe that stones or other natural materials have healing powers, I do think that being reminded of nature is a positive thing! I've been a little bit obsessed with minerals and gemstones since elementary school, when my truck driver dad used to bring me samples of rose quartz, pyrite, amethyst, and tiger's eye from the Southwest (just like this commercial that gives me major ugly cry face). I think that by associating a specific intention, like living a more balanced life, with a specific material, we can help remind ourselves to work toward those goals. Sandalwood is associated with calmness and mental clarity - and it smells really nice. I couldn't resist the combo of natural wood beads with pearl and amazonite when I saw the preview of this Yogi Surprise Box, especially when a mala alone can cost around $120 on Etsy or in stores. I like to wear this mala necklace with my chambray shirt (from last week's style post) or even a t-shirt and jeans to step up my "preppy bohemian" style.

Since the mala was teased on the Yogi Surprise website, the 'I Am Healed' Labradorite and Jade Bracelet was the real surprise for me. I wish this photo was a better representation of the beautiful gray-green color of the labradorite beads and how luminescent they are in the light! It's a stone associated with protection and strength. White jade is connected to focus and clear decision making. Featuring pretty silver beads, rhinestones, and a lotus charm, this bracelet is a great reminder to have faith in my choices, and looks great dressed up or down.

Finally, the chocolates, which went way too quickly during exam time at school! These  all-natural "Chocolaty Fudgee Rolls" by the Lovely Candy Co. were chocolaty indeed without the waxy texture associated with other rolls which shall remain nameless.

Overall, I really loved my first Yogi Surprise Box. My only complaint about this subscription box is that it follows a traditional subscription system - boxes are sent each month unless the subscriber cancels; there's no way to pause a subscription or skip a month. While I love yoga inspired jewelry, and Yogi Surprise is a great deal, I'm still not sure I could justify buying 24 new pieces each year - or find room for all of them in my jewelry box! The Yogi Surprise Box was a nice treat to myself at the end of the school year, and I also think it would be an awesome gift for a yoga-loving friend.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by Yogi Surprise or asked to write a review - I just thought this was a cool subscription box worth sharing with my readers! I paid for my own subscription and this is my honest review. This post contains referral links for Yogi Surprise.

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