Tuesday, June 21

my late spring in instagram.

As y'all know, Instagram is my favorite form of social media. Lately, I've been striving for a balance of "styled" shots that help me practice my photography skills and real, un-posed memories of small town life that I know will serve as a diary for years to come. I'm really happy with the result! Here's what I've been up to since spring break.

Spring break photography practice with some blossoms from
the trees around our townhouse and a few of my favorite
antiques - this espresso cup is from my parents' time spent
living in Germany and I can't pass up a blue Ball Mason jar!

My jewelry organization situation was reaching crisis mode, 
so I ordered this cute arrow hook from Urban Outfitters and
I'm in love with it. It's the little things! Spring break = real 
lunch without having to supervise 150 kids or rush to eat!

One of my town's gems - the Grainery, which is home to an
art gallery/store and glass blowing school/studio. I love the
Van Gogh inspired mural outside. | Someone got my yoga
teacher this fantastic gnome as a gift at the end of term.

My mom is from the Kentucky and watches the Derby religiously
every year. This year we celebrated at my house with virgin
mint juleps - the colorful paper straws reminded me of the 
jockeys' racing silks. | This spring I taught three boys I referred
to as my Musketeers on their best days and my Stooges all the
others - all three were on the baseball team and I loved going
to their last middle school game, where they shone like stars.


My Bestie and her husband came in from Seattle to visit their 
families and their trip just happened to coincide with our 31st 
birthday (we were both born on May 29th!). We celebrated in 
true Roanoke fashion with a very indulgent brunch at Thelma's 
Chicken & Waffles, visiting a downtown event for a photo op with 
a mini horse, an adult big wheel ride on the Greenway with my tribe, 
homemade ice cream from Hits, and dinner at Beamer's 25 in honor 
of Bestie's love for Virginia Tech (as a Wahoo, this is true friendship).

Bestie and I both bought each other whale gifts for our birthday
in reference to an old inside joke from when we worked at
4-H camp together and our resulting catchphrase, "Whale please!"
Great minds think alike even when living on opposite coasts.
Finally, here's my chubby adorable cat, Scout, responding to being 
called "pretty boy." He is 100% awake in this picture.

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  1. I always have trouble trying to balance my styled shots with my more personal ones on Instagram! Sometimes I feel like I should be more consistent, but then I think 'screw it, I'll post what I want' haha! Love your photos, that big wheel ride with your bestie sounds like a lot of fun!