Monday, June 24

clicks of note: the direction of love...

get your week summer off to a colorful start...


  • "Tomorrow's a new day for everyone; brand new moon, brand new sun."  Let this song, "Follow the Sun," sink in.  I love how calm and uplifting it is, and I'm looking forward to possibly seeing Xavier Rudd perform live at Floydfest next month.  This week I'm linking up with Musical Mondays at My So-Called Chaos.



  • Next week, we're going on a family trip to Nashville!  Last year when I was out of town, I featured Beyond the Aisle's first guest post (from Micah of Unabashedly Me) and would love to be able to spotlight some fellow bloggers' work again this summer!
I would love to feature your:
  • Wedding/party DIY tutorials
  • Wedding/party planning advice (especially what you learned or things you wish you had done differently!)
  • Inspiration for a particular wedding or party theme
  • Favorite memory from the day of your wedding or other event
  • Home/holiday decor DIY or home improvement tutorials
  • Home tours (especially apartments, condos, townhouses and other small spaces!)
  • Favorite thing in or about your home
If you're interested in guest blogging for me, please send a message to heatherbird at gmail dot com explaining what you'd like to post about and including a link to your own blog if you have one.  I would prefer that guest posts be NEW, ORIGINAL content, not a re-post of something that has already appeared on your blog or another website, but if you've got a favorite post that needs a wider audience that would work too!


  1. LOVE the lyrics of this song! :D Linking from Musical Monday,

    Ricki Jill

  2. Oh I really liked this song! Thank you for posting it, and for linking up with Musical Mondays! :D