Monday, June 27

Inspired By Southern Comfort Food

One of the things that became really easy for Mr. Q and I after we declared our theme to be "Southern Elegance" was the menu.  Southern comfort food is delicious and it's what we were both raised on in our homes and our grandmothers' homes.  Here are some inspiration pictures and recipes for those of you who may be considering a similar menu!  I'll reveal our menu choices in a future post.

Great examples of Southern entr√©es would include the fried chicken and ribs seen on the menu above. Mr. Q and I have been to several weddings and events that served pulled pork barbeque and it's a yummy and very affordable option.  

Mr. Q once photographed a wedding that had a catfish fry reception and that seems quintessentially Southern to me as well.  Other seafood choices befitting a Southern meal would be crabcakes (my favorite food) or shrimp and grits.  I think crabcake sliders would be an amazing wedding entree.

I found this Betty Crocker recipe for Pecan-topped Cornbread with Honey Butter... haven't tried it, but doesn't that sound amazing?  Other sides that would be perfectly Southern would be green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with lots of butter (and bacon bits on the side!), sweet potato casserole (we Southerners love a casserole), macaroni salad, and my mom's specialty, deviled eggs.  I am also loving the biscuit bar trend that I've seen in the wedding blogosphere.

At a Southern wedding, dessert is the true star of the reception.  After all, we Southerners invented the tradition of having both a bride's and groom's cake (remember the red velvet armadillo from Steel Magnolias?), but why stop at cake?  A Southern dessert buffet could include pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, sweet potato pie, chess pie, banana pudding with Nilla wafers, peach cobbler... okay, I'm getting hungry now.  

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What are your favorite "comfort food" recipes?  Will you be incorporating regional favorites into your wedding menu?

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