Monday, June 6

biting the bullet.

Recently I had my first real wedding planning meltdown.  On Wednesday, my mom, Mr. Spin and I met with a potential cake baker, after my decision to ditch the "three grocery store cakes on stands" idea for a real wedding cake.  I got annoyed during the meeting because when it was all done, I felt like my mom and Mr. Spin shouldn't have even come- every time the lady asked a question they looked at me.  I don't even like cake, I just care that it's pretty!  I wanted them to speak up and be vocal.  I wanted someone else to make the decisions for me.

Meanwhile, my MOH was driving me crazy with constant text messages, phone calls, and e-mails.  She's never been a bridesmaid before at all, and having to plan a shower and bachelorette party is stressing her out.  However, isn't one of the reasons a bride HAS a maid of honor is so she doesn't have to plan her own parties?  Whatever she does, I will love, but I don't think she believes that, so I've basically had to plan both parties in addition to planning the wedding and planning the talent show at work (which is Monday - I'll be glad when it's over).

Maybe I'm getting planned out.  I'm also stressing out about money and not having a set place to live after the wedding.  Mr. Spin has not called any leasing agents, so it looks like I'm going to have to find us an apartment myself as well.  I've had to spend a ton of money lately- ordering flowers, favors, and supplies for crafts.  I *hate* the idea of being in debt, but I've had to make an agreement with myself that it is OKAY to charge things and not totally pay my credit card off for the next few months.  That's how credit cards work- that's why they have a minimum payment AND a balance.  Hence, the title of this post- sometimes you've got to bite the bullet and make a purchase.

Also stressing about my appearance.  I've met my weight goal, but now my skin is freaking out.  I started using Mary Kay Timewise products and I don't think they agree with me.  I have at least one new pimple every day.  But that could also just be stress and hormones.

Finally, apparently people don't understand the point of response cards or the fact that we paid for a stamp for them to use, because a ton of people have been RSVPing over Facebook or just telling me they're coming.  SEND THE CARD, SEND THE CARD, SEND THE CARD!  Then there are the people who come up to me and say, "I should have written this on the card, we're bringing our 2-year-old" or "I meant to tell you I'm not staying for the reception."  These are all married people who I'm sure once had to make seating charts themselves, why don't they understand my stress?

When did you have your wedding planning freak-out, and what caused it?

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