Tuesday, June 7

Ceremony Details

Now that I have my ideas in order and the finalized program with readings has been e-mailed to our minister, it's time to talk about our plans for ceremony details and how we're saving money with DIT (do it together)!

1. Programs - I will be designing our programs because I can't justify spending a lot of money on something that only a few people are sentimental enough to hold on to. The programs will be stored in a basket my mom already had which will get a new coat of ivory paint and some lavender and periwinkle silk floral and ribbon decorations. Mr. Spin's cousin will be passing out programs and also serving as guestbook attendant, so she's our "welcome attendant" for the wedding.  She's very excited- she and I share a close bond because she was so young when Mr. Spin and I started wedding, and she visited my classroom often when she was a student at the school where I teach (she was actually assigned to be in my class, but I thought that was a conflict of interest so she was moved to a colleague's English class instead.)

2. Aisle Runner - Since our flower girl will be tossing petals (the petals from 2 roses broken up fill her little basket to the brim!), I think we need an aisle runner so that they are not landing on our venue's newly finished hardwood floors. I love the look of a monogrammed aisle runner but they can be very expensive and I don't think I have the patience for stenciling.  So we will be using a fairly plain white aisle runner to compliment the white trim on the mantel in our ceremony space.  It's something we walk on.  It's fine to go cheapo.

3. Pew bows - I guess the ends of the aisle will look a little naked without something decorating the War Memorial's not-very-attractive chairs. One of the many talents available at local craft stores is that there is someone there who is great at making bows for less than florists charge.  Or, Jo-Ann Fabrics sells a box of pew bows made by Wilton that just need to be fluffed.  I will be purchasing bows made of ribbon in white to match the aisle runner.  Depending on how many wedding fairies I have helping out, we may have some sprigs of hydrangea stuck in there too :)

4. Mantel - When I realized that the huge urn arrangements the florist I met with suggested would basically deplete our flower budget, it was back to the drawing board. The space is beautiful and does not need much adornment, so I will be decorating the mantel with greenery, candles, and a few milk glass pieces if we have some to spare after working on the centerpieces.

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5. Flower Girl Basket - Our flower girl will be using a basket that I carried in a wedding when I was four- it's white and the decorations are peach- yes, those were in vogue wedding colors in the 1980's- my dad was a groomsmen in the wedding and wore a white tux and peach cumberbund.  I like the symbolism of passing down being a flower girl :)  A coat of ivory spray paint and some updated lavender and periwinkle decorations makes it perfect for our wedding.  I'll also be making some barrettes to compliment her hairstyle (her mom's going to put her curly hair into a high ponytail).

Which wedding expenses surprised you?  Are you offsetting any of those costs with DIT items?

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Happy Planning!

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