Thursday, June 23


In our meeting with our venue director, Mr. Spin and I decided to have a sweetheart table instead of a head table.  Since we have a small wedding and very small wedding party, a head table didn't seem to fit.  We can position our table either at the North end of the ballroom, near the dessert table which will be the focal point of that zone, or at the South end, near the dance floor.

I think sweetheart tables are adorable and a great way for couples to steal some alone time while being among their guests.  Here are some of my favorite sweetheart table inspiration photos.

This is such a sweet photo; and I think it would be nice to be sitting with Mr. Spin during our MoH and groomsmen B's toasts rather than standing awkwardly beside the DJ table.  Which kind of makes me think about putting our sweetheart table closer to the dance floor...

Now the question is, where to seat our bridesmaids and groomsmen?  Mr. Spin would like them to sit together, but when I've been a bridesmaid in weddings I've really appreciated getting to sit with people I know instead of people I only know through the bride and groom.

Brides, where did you position your sweetheart table or head table, and how did you seat your attendants?

Also- if you are a bride currently planning, I recommend Miss Cuddlefish's post from yesterday on remembering WHY we're putting so much energy into every detail and what it's really all about- a relationship and the people who mean the most to us.  It's beautiful and awesome.


  1. how exciting!! just thinking of it makes me smile :)

  2. In weddings that I've attended usually they have the head table in front which is the focal point, but I think having a sweetheart table can be sweet and private for the couple.