Tuesday, June 4

Beyond the Aisle, according to Google Search Terms

This year, I'm trying to be better about actually looking at my blog's stats and trying to "advertise" Beyond the Aisle.  Margaret's post about Google search terms cracked me up, so I decided to use Google Analytics to find out what strange search keywords have brought visitors to Beyond the Aisle.  Here are the ones that made no sense to me!

"hive geometry" (5 visitors) - I'm a big fan of Weddingbee, so I've probably posted about "the Hive," the community associated with that site.  And I've posted about geometry, in the form of trendy design.  It's those West Elm Hive vases I featured, though, that got this strange search associated with Beyond the Aisle.

"artificial breslelts light" (1 visitor) - Your guess is as good as mine.  What's a breslelt?

"barbadian food menus for weddings" (1 visitor) - I've posted about our wedding's Southern comfort food menu, but I have never posted about the cuisine of Barbados.  If anyone would be interested in guest posting suggested wedding menu ideas featuring traditional foods from various places, I would totally be down with that, though - I think it would be a neat series.  Even just a series on wedding menus, period, might be cool... any takers?

Lesley Wray Photography

"goodwill baking book" (1 visitor) - I like Goodwill.  I like baking.  I like books.  I bought a lot of books from Goodwill to decorate my wedding tables.  One of them was even called Eat Cake.  But none of them was about baking.  I think most of the cookbooks I've seen at Goodwill are full of recipes that cause heart disease and diabetes.

"yoga star wars figure" (1 visitor) - Read that one a few times.  It gets funnier every time.  Or maybe that's just me.

"χειροτεχνιεσ για kalokairi" (1 visitor) - Anyone care to translate?


  1. haha love these!! It's so funny to see how people randomly come across your blog.

  2. Awesome! I seem to draw a lot of attention with the search words "Hello Kitty" "Cthulhu" and "birthday", most of all a combination of these three, because I once posted a picture of the most awesome birthday cake EVER!!

    Here's the link, if you're interested:

  3. Haha. I love the searches that bring people to blogs. So great! Also, if you're wanting to advertise, I'm having a 10% off sale of my ads and my ads are cheap to begin with. :-)