Thursday, October 4

wedding hairstyle trends: ponytails

I like seeing brides look past traditional updos and rocking hairstyles that reflect their personalities.  Some girls are ponytail girls, and a ponytail can be curled, looped, pushed to the side, or twisted to add a touch of fun to a bride's overall look while still looking dressy.  A sophisticated ponytail can also be a great choice for bridesmaids, or for a wedding guest.

The perfect bridal ponytail: a curled side pony with sideswept bangs and a fun accessory.

Runway takes on formal ponytails from I Know Hair and Erin Fetherston's Spring 2012 Fashion Week show (via Trends of Wedding Dress).

Celebrities rocking ponytails with bangs:

Kristen Bell and Malin Ackerman via StyleBistro

I think a centered ponytail with volume and slightly curled bangs would be a great choice for a bridesmaid or a wedding guest.

Jessica Biel via Style Bistro || Nicole Richie via I Know Hair

These side ponytails with side parts and bangs look more formal and appropriate for a bride.

A twisted ponytail

When I was growing up, we called the basic structure of this hairstyle a topsy tail, but the additional hair wrapped around the ponytail holder gives this style a more grown up look.  I think this would be a nice bridesmaid or wedding guest hairstyle, especially paired with a long dress.

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