Saturday, October 13

sweet trend watch: wedding cake pop cakes!

When I saw this picture on the Southern Weddings blog, I was intrigued - are those brightly colored cake pops?  On a layered wedding cake?  WITH an adorable little cake topper?
Yes, they totally are.

Ashleigh Jayne Photography via Party Favorites

While a cake ball wedding cake could easily veer into cheesy or even tacky territory, this ombre cake call cake is totally elegant!

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I like the swirled patterns and floating layer effect the stacked cake stands give this cake ball display.  According to the source, there are 190 pops making up this cake!

The Knot via Party Favorites

A different shape - so much fun.

Another elegant cake featuring cake balls.

What do you think of these cake pop wedding cakes?


  1. Wow, that ombre one is absolutely gorgeous!

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