Saturday, October 13

off to High Point Market...

This weekend Mr. Q and I are headed to High Point, North Carolina for Market.  Traci Zeller describes Market on her blog as "fashion week for interior designers" and High Point Market itself is really pushing that idea this year with its theme, "Fashion Focus."  Therefore, I have been fretting all morning about what to wear!

The IHFC building during Market is a fabulous place; for me (not an interior designer, just a regular Southern girl raised on Mama's Better Homes and Gardens) it was like walking through the pages of a magazine.  You may remember from past posts that Mr. Q works in customer service for a home accent company.  I have a guest pass this year, and I'm not sure where that will get me!  I will take lots of pictures, though, even if they are through windows like this one from last fall:

Last year at Market I loved these chandeliers by Deanna Wish Designs

Market is an opportunity for Mr. Q to connect with his clients in person, so I basically fulfill the role of the housewife in any of those movies set in the 50's where the boss is coming for dinner.  But I love High Point Market because it's a chance for my blogger self to check out new trends in home decor... I am also excited about the possibility of running into bloggers from sites like Apartment Therapy and Coco & Kelley.  Note:  this probably will not happen.  Mainly, I will spend the day hearing people gush about how much they love my husband and how great he is at his job.  And I will love every minute of that.


  1. My college roomate's dad used to own a furniture company, and ever year he would fly her down to highpoint for the market So even though I've never actually been whenever people mention High point and the furniture market I feel like I'm in the know. Anyways I hope you're having a great time there this weekend!

    1. Even though we live fairly close to the North Carolina border, I didn't know anything about High Point until Mr. Q started working for his company. I really enjoy visiting each year now - it's cool to see products that I've only seen on a computer screen or in his company's catalog in real life, and it's also fun as someone who reads magazines and design blogs to be able to spot things I've read will be in style. I will post a little round-up of the (low quality) photos I took tomorrow and some style notes later this week!