Thursday, October 11

fall entertainment in the country townhouse...

It should come as no surprise that we love television in the country townhouse:  I was an English major, so I can't resist a good story, and Mr. Q was a communications major who knows a good camera angle when he sees one.  Put that together with our shared love of decorating/staging and you'd think we'd have very distinguished tastes.  While we do love a good Masterpiece Theater installment, we're guilty of a few tacky pleasures as well.  Here's what we're watching this fall season:

- How I Met Your Mother
- 2 Broke Girls
- Castle
- Revolution (DVR)

- New Girl
- The Mindy Project
- Parenthood (DVR)

- The Middle
- Modern Family
- Suburgatory
- Planning to watch Nashville

- Glee (DVR)
- Up All Night
- 30 Rock
- The Office
- Parks and Rec

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