Tuesday, October 16

High Point Market October 2012

Our visit to High Point Market last weekend was a lot of fun - it's always nice to see Mr. Q's clients and fun to hang out with his work friends and see them doing their furniture industry thing!  Here are a few pictures I snapped- with permission, of course! - in their showroom and around the IHFC building.

This is a living room set-up from Mr. Q's company showroom - his company just released a line of rugs and the one in this shot shows how modern and on trend they are.  Many have geometric and Moroccan-inspired patterns, there is one featuring yellow and gray ikat, and one even looks like my blog background!  The more unique rugs include one made from "rescued" denim and another with woven leather.  The coffee table pictured is HUGE and well-loved by most of the staff.  I liked how this setup combined modern and traditional pieces for a really comfortable overall feel.

I liked the rusty hinge detail on this weathered American flag wall art.

This photo does not do this piece justice!  The high gloss finish is awesome and the paint sparkles gold and silver.  I think it would look great in a modern dining room or bedroom.

Not really my style, but the colors in this horse painting were so cheerful they made me happy.

It took me a while to realize that the cool square tiles on this wall are actually rug samples!  I thought it was a very creative way to show off the new product line.  The Greek key and herringbone designs really stand out here.  I also like those delicate pendant lights.

A wide shot of the rug sample wall.  Can I have a purple wall covered with awesome art, please?

I thought this display at Classic Home's showroom was so clever - a chandelier made of colorful throw pillows!

Company C's style is very preppy, very East Coast, and reminds me of Lily Pulitzer and Vera Bradley.  I loved the rugs on display and the way they display their fabrics in the form of dresses!


  1. Oh my goodness, I see so many things I want! The large abstract with the gold and silver looks amazing -- I want it (or something like it) to hang in my living room on the red wall.

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