Tuesday, October 30

fall color: black and blue

This week's color combo is a classic for fall, inspired by this season's runway shows...

1. Ann Taylor striped ponte dress  2. Kirna Zabete for Target leopard print trench 
3. Dorothy Perkins viscose biker-style jacket  4. LOFT striped crinkle blazer 
5. Butter London nail lacquer in Royal Navy 6. Ann Taylor striped colorblock skirt

Stay safe and dry today, friends!  So far we still have electricity but schools
in our area are closed today because of high winds from Hurricane Sandy.
I am thankful that I don't have to drive today in dangerous conditions.


  1. Glad you survived the storms. We hardly had anything but I still managed to get out of work for two days. My heart goes out to those who were hit hard. In other news, I love this color combo and the outfits are adorable.


    Literally Inspired

    1. Thanks Ginger! We were really lucky - we ended up having a day out of work for high winds and that was it. I have teacher friends up north who were out for a while and even some in New York City whose schools were being used as shelters.

      Thanks for your feedback on my post - I am a big fan of breaking fashion "rules" and combining black and blue is one of my favorite rules to break - I wear them together at least once a week, I think.