Tuesday, October 2

steeper or cheaper: leopard print belts

I'm back with another pair of items with similar style at different price points.  I'm not a fashion blogger - I'm just a girl who likes to shop- and since I'm a busy working wife much of that shopping happens online. I had to share these two takes on leopard-print calf hair belts, similar to the $34.50 LOFT version in this morning's round-up (LOFT also offers a version with a silver metallic buckle if tortoiseshell is not your thing).

J. Crew Calf Hair Skinny Belt | Merona multicolor Calf Hair Belt at Target

Will you try the animal print trend this fall?


  1. That's crazy! They look exactly the same. I am such a target girl. I probably love that store too much. I need to go find that belt now. Very cute.

    1. When something becomes trendy, I almost always wait for the Old Navy or Target version :)

    2. Oh, GAP has one too, in between these price points: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=246107002&tid=goaff4441350&ap=2&siteID=goafcid150