Monday, August 4

clicks of note: days of you and me...

get your week off to a colorful start...

  • I've been a Pearl Jam fan since high school, and I love that they keep coming out with consistently amazing music.  Eddie Vedder's songwriting is powerful and subtle at the same time, and when I heard "Future Days" on the radio the other day I fell in love.  I also love what he told Huffington Post about these kinds of Pearl Jam songs:
    "There's an interesting thing that happens when being in a band: you write these songs and then you go out and play them live, sometimes for 20 years. You end up repeating these messages really to yourself, because you're saying them on a sometimes nightly basis. So when there's something positive, it's not really even for others: It ends up being this mantra for yourself in a way."
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