Saturday, August 30

my late summer in instagram

We started the summer with Mr. Q's second relay triathlon.  This one was held in Roanoke at one of the city's parks.  Mr. Q's team had added a new runner and the three of them took second place!  Also, NEW CAR WOO.  We are loving our Crosstrek!

Just messing around with my morning routine.

Chicken and waffles with my BFF Breeze and my other favorite friends for my 29th birthday.  It was also my "golden birthday" because I turned 29 on the 29th.

The country townhouse, ready for D-Day and Independence Day celebrations.

Summer means lots of patio lunches and dinners, and more time to cook!

My container garden has done really well this rainy summer, and the colors make me smile every time I look outside.

Preparing for camp by building a whale with my fellow adult volunteers and getting the campers' medications organized on opening day.

Probably the most "summer camp" picture ever.

Mr. Q and I went to our favorite Brazilian restaurant for our anniversary and I convinced my health-conscious guy that we needed to treat ourselves to tiramisu.

My mom and I spent a day in downtown Roanoke pretending to be tourists.  We visited the art and science museums and had lunch on the market.

Back to school haircut - my fist from my new hairdresser.

A few views of my classroom in action.  Lots of neon to keep me happy and awake!

Beautiful Wisteria Ridge, where Mr. Q's cycling club had their end-of-summer cookout and fundraiser ride for Roll Over Cancer.

Treats!  I made this Oreo cookie poke cake for the Roll Over Cancer cookout.  The cookie butter was a treat from my friend Jess's trip to Trader Joes.  So amazing!  It's probably a good thing we don't have a TJ's around here, actually.

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