Tuesday, August 27

Steeper or Cheaper: Swiss Dot Chiffon Blouses

Steeper or Cheaper: Swiss Dot Chiffon Blouses
J. Crew Chiffon Dot Top (out of stock)
J. Crew Factory Dotted Keyhole Top in navy, Dublin green (shown) and ivory
Old Navy Swiss Dot Chiffon Top in wine, navy, white, coral, and lagoon (shown)

One of my favorite purchases so far this season has been a Swiss dot chiffon blouse.  It's a little bohemian, but still very ladylike, and super versatile.  I snagged mine at Old Navy, and felt very proud of myself when I saw a very similar shirt for a hundred dollars more on the J. Crew website.  The J. Crew blouse is now out of stock online but may still be available in stores; as far as I can tell what the J. Crew and J. Crew factory versions have going for them that the Old Navy version doesn't are a thicker fabric (ON's blouse is super sheer and must be worn with a cami) and nicer cuffs - the Old Navy ones are elastic; both J. Crew version feature a hemmed cuff and button.  Old Navy offers the style in a wider range of colors.  For a teacher's salary and wardrobe, the Old Navy version hits the spot!


  1. I just bought the cream ON top to wear with a J. Crew skirt. It def needs a cami underneath!

    1. Yes; it is completely see-through, but I really love the layering potential with the cream top especially!