Friday, May 24

patriotic home decor: for memorial day and beyond...

I was supposed to be a July baby - my due date was Independence Day.  Apparently, I had other plans, and came into the world on May 29th.  Being a May baby definitely has its perks: strawberry birthday cake, "summer blockbuster" options for theater outings, and, obviously, sandal weather.  Sometimes, my birthday falls on Memorial Day - I suppose I traded one patriotic holiday for another.

While this isn't one of those magical years, I look forward to the long weekend, the official beginning of cookout season, and the opportunity to show my gratitude to my family members and friends who have served our county in the Armed Forces.  I also look forward to getting out my red, white, and blue rag wreath and adding patriotic touches to the country townhouse.  As a kid reading my mama's Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living magazines, I imagined grown-up me living in a white farmhouse with a lot of Americana- red, white, and blue look so fresh and happy in home decor.  While that dream hasn't come true quite yet, I love finding ways to add these colors to our living space!

I love this porch featured on My Bunny Go Boom - and the adorable Westie doesn't hurt either :)

Bunting is such a great way to add instant impact to an outdoor space - it's perfectly nostalgic and, paired with a porch swing, you can pretty much be transported to Mayberry.

While a Colonial flag crock is probably too much of a patriotic commitment for our limited front porch space, planting red, white, and blue flowers in our window box is something I am definitely considering as a weekend project...

The stylists at Pottery Barn have been getting patriotic home decor right probably since before I was born - they never overdo it.  This casual space has just enough America without looking like Ted Nugent lives there.

Americana can go rustic...

Tammy Connor in Traditional Home via Georgiana Design


Even whimsical!  Seriously, this kitchen makes me swoon.  Is it the crazy industrial-modern chandelier?  The white stoneware collection?  Plan walls?  The lavender?  The lemonade?

Come on, y'all, it's the flag.

Jennifer Holmes from Dear Lillie is another master of holiday decorating - her vignettes and rooms are always so lovely without being kitschy or overwhelming.  So inspiring - part of me feels like I could actually have a back porch that looks like this someday.

I think this is my favorite inspirational bit of patriotism yet.  Perfection.

Did I mention that my dream farmhouse also has a dock?  With a vintage Coke cooler?  

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?

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