Sunday, May 26

sunday social: summer!

Sunday Social

Best summer memory as a kid?

My years as a teen counselor at 4-H camp were the happiest summers ever.  The memory that will always be "summer" to me is having a "slumber party" in the lobby of our lodge with my fellow counselors one night.  Those girls taught me that it was good to be enthusiastic, crazy, and unique.  I also have really fond memories of going to Myrtle Beach, Pigeon Forge, and Disney World with my parents.

Favorite summer drink?

The mojitos we served at our wedding are still my favorite drink ever.

Favorite summer TV show?

So You Think You Can Dance!  I missed the first two seasons because I was working full time at 4-H camp, but I have watched every season since then and it is pretty much my favorite thing that comes on television.  There's a message board I participate in about the show that makes it even more fun to watch, and I follow a lot of the former contestants on Twitter and Instagram.  The only drawback is that it always makes me REALLY miss being a dancer.  My other favorite summer show is Master Chef - Mr. Q and I got so into it last year that we were trying to make the recipes.

Best outdoor summer activity?

Anything aquatic - swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or going out on a boat (except sailboats - they make me seasick).  Preferably paired with listening to music and grilling out.  I consider myself very lucky to live in the "land between the lakes" and have a few friends with pools.

Summer vacation essentials?

Sunblock with a high SPF, good sandals, a stack of books or a loaded-up Kindle, and motion sickness bracelets- these cute Etsy versions are on my wishlist for this summer's adventures.


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