Tuesday, May 7


I admitted in this week's Sunday Social that I find it difficult to go even a day without checking Facebook.  I love being able to stay connected with friends and family.  This weekend as I browsed my newsfeed, I was just floored by how many blessings the people I love and I have received lately.

at work...
  • A wonderful group of teacher-friends have volunteered to help me with this year's eighth grade talent show.
  • One of our English teachers just published her first children's picture book.
  • My best work friend is joining me on my fitness quest and we're doing a 5K walk this Saturday!

in my family...
  • My cousin's son married his high school sweetheart last weekend; they have an adorable little boy who will be celebrating a birthday this weekend!

with my friends...
  • Breeze's mom kicked breast cancer's booty!
  • Two of my friends recently found out that they are expecting!
  • Several dear friends have earned their Bachelors and Masters degrees this spring!
  • One of my childhood best friends who I drifted away from in high school and college is moving back to the Roanoke area and I look forward to rekindling our friendship.
  • My college RA's twin girls are out of the ICU and doing well.
  • My college roomies were able to take a great post-baby trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • My actress friend is meeting with agents in LA!
  • My friends' band has been getting a lot of really cool gigs, like playing at a new brewery that's opening this weekend.

What wonderful things are happening in your world?  Always, regardless of what faith tradition you belong to, I would like to welcome you to submit praises and prayer requests here.

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