Tuesday, May 28

who to follow on instagram: spring edition

I am still, unapologetically, an Instagram addict.  On days when I don't even want to get out of bed, I grab my phone and check out what the people in my feed are doing - it's a guaranteed strategy for motivating myself to get out of the house and go do something colorful, exciting, and fun.  It's also my favorite way to keep up with all of my high school and college friends' cute babies.  Besides following people I know in real life, I also follow a handful of bloggers and other creative professionals.  Here are a few accounts I'd recommend following if you're just getting started on Instagram, or looking to spice up your feed:

  • glitterguide - The editors of the magazine-style blog The Glitter Guide share a good mix of slices of the good life and previews of upcoming blog content.
  • cozystylishchic - Jeanne has studied both fashion and interior design and brings her trained eye to her Instagram as well as her blog.

  • hungryeditor - Ben's images are so much better than everyone else's "look at what I'm eating" shots.
  • ohjoystudio - Joy Cho is one of my favorite lifestyle and DIY bloggers and I love seeing her cute family and upcoming blog projects on her Instagram.

  • snippetandink - The editors of the lovely wedding blog share previews of beautiful, blog-worthy photography as well as shots of their work behind the scenes- really interesting for a small blogger like me!
  • stylishpetite - Fashion blogger Annie shares sneak peaks of her upcoming blog posts and her everyday life, as well as sale alerts for stores like LOFT and Banana Republic.

Are you on Instagram?  I'd love to follow you - leave your username in a comment to this post (you can follow me here).


  1. I'm not on instagram. I've told myself that I really don't need to new social media to be obsessed with. But lately I've been feeling the draw to it, and I'm not sure how much longer it'll be before I finally do join!

    1. It's my favorite app - I truly am addicted! It's pretty inspiring to be able to see little snapshots of people's lives from all over the world and something about letting a tiny picture tell the story really appeals to me.