Sunday, May 5

sunday social: all about the 4's

I really liked Neely and Ashley's Sunday Social topics this week!

Sunday Social

1. 4 favorite things to do on a weekend
  • Any kind of home improvement, gardening or craft project (a trip to Lowe's = a good weekend)
  • Go antiquing in search of treasure
  • Go on a long walk or bike ride with Mr. Q
  • Any kind of nerdy TV/movie marathon - Star Wars, Firefly etc.

2. 4 favorite things about your best friend
Breeze and I
  • We've been BFFs since sixth grade and consider each other sisters (and are routinely mistaken for sisters wherever we go)
  • She has a great, blunt sense of humor and is brutally honest when needed
  • She is greatest keeper of secrets
  • We have very similar taste in books, music, and movies and we have both made the purposeful choice to build our lives in the Roanoke area so we have lots of fun outings together to look forward to until we're little old ladies in matching sparkly sweaters!

3. 4 things you would do with $100,000

Okay, there are a lot of responsible things I would actually do if we saved that much money - paying off our student loans and cars, open a 403B, and buying land for a house are our top priorities right now.  But if money was really no object and I had a sudden windfall...

4. 4 favorite books you’ve ever read

5. 4 favorite snack foods

6. 4 things that you must do daily
  • Take a shower (I am NOT someone who can go without)
  • Drink coffee (my students say they can tell a difference if I skip my coffee)
  • Listen to music
  • Check Facebook


  1. My wife and I want to go to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter some time. They were building it the last time we were there and haven't had a chance to return. By the time we get back there is shouldn't be quite as crazy busy so that will be a plus.

    1. I want to visit so much! My college roomie and her hubs have been a few times and they have had a blast. I am such an HP nerd that I know I will love it. I also want to go to some of the locations that were used as Hogwarts when I visit England in a few years.

  2. I finally got my husband into HP so maybe I can talk him into Wizarding World of HP! New Follower! Have a happy Sunday!

    1. My husband likes the movies, so that's good enough for me. Thanks for following, Victoria!

  3. Woohoo! I finally found another middle school teacher! I'm certified but my husband and I moved right after we got married so I've been subbing this year. I SO should have put visit HP World in my list - I want to go so bad! I feel like I'm getting too old to be obsessed with HP. Teaching middle school makes it ok though, right?

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Can't wait to read more of your posts!

    1. I think teaching middle school means you get to be a teenager forever - in fact, knowing about HP, Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, Divergent, and whatever cool YA series come along makes me BETTER AT MY JOB, so it's a win win! I'm always happy to find more middle school folks in the blog world :)

  4. I, too, listen to music everyday. I don't know how people go without it. & I love that you love Harry Potter too! I just read about them adding more to the WWoHP and I am convinced that I need to take my very first trip to Disney World once that it open!