Monday, June 26

this week's clicks [treat love like you're jumping off a rope swing]

get your week off to a colorful start...
How are y'all doing? I'm still recovering from camp and took it slow all weekend (highlight: a trip to the Roanoke Valley's newest brewery). This week's clicks include flowers for days, dresses for all of your summer occasions, and the history of a Southern classic. Coming to the blog later this week, I've got a great new Pinspiration post and reviews of some recent entertainment faves. As always, shoot me an e-mail about what's new and awesome in your life - I'd love to chat!

  • Summer is always when I listen to country music the most, and I'm currently in love with the new track from local boys Old Dominion (two of the band's members are from Roanoke). Also, a country music video with video game references and bloopers? What a time to be alive.


"I had the voices of the women I grew up with. It takes your breath away how quick they are. It’s the kind of humor that would sear through treacle."


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