Friday, June 27

DIY: Patriotic Washi Tape Decor for Independence Day

Since our family's annual vacation always coincides with Independence Day (thanks, furniture industry), I don't really go all out in decorating for what's actually one of my favorite holidays.  This year, I wanted to add just a little quick patriotic flair to our home decor without spending any money.  I ended up creating three little vignettes based around two of my favorite things - words and crafting!  I started out by "shopping" around the house for red, white, and blue craft supplies, books, and other decorative items.

I grabbed some washi tapes I'd purchased for former projects, some cute twine and straws from the dollar bin at Target and was starting to get inspired.  Throw in the chipboard letters I've had hanging around the craft shelf since I used them to make the pennant banner for our wedding's cake table, and I had my theme.

I tend to both clean and decorate rooms in a clockwise order, so I started in one corner and worked my way around the living room and kitchen.  Since we don't have a mantel, I always like to keep some decorative items on the ends of our entertainment console.  In this corner, I started with a vintage Roget's Thesaurus and milk glass vase from our wedding centerpieces.  The flowers are Sweet William and Statice from the grocery store - very budget friendly, and they look like fireworks!  I love the tabs in the thesaurus.

On the other end of the console, more wedding books and milk glass along with leftover pinwheel favors from Aubrey's Etsy shop to tie in with my wordy theme.  The candleholders were such an easy craft - I grabbed blue and white candles in glass containers from my stash, peeled off their original labels, and got creative with my washi tape while watching television one night.  Keep in mind that more cylindrical or square containers are easier to tape stripes on than ones with a tapered shape.

In the kitchen, I used a Pier1 cake stand from our wedding to hold three jars of goodness - I chose three glass jars of different heights to create a visual triangle.  The taller two are real Mason jars, but the shortest one was holding artichoke hearts just a few days ago!  My white teapot, a gift from my mama, is also from Pier1 and holds some flowers from my container garden.

Instead of actually making any words with my chipboard letters, I decided to display the letters themselves.  The daisy Mason jar lid is from one of my favorite affiliates, the Plaid Barn, and a leftover from Breeze's bridal shower.

I just love the farmhouse style a cake stand stacked with Mason jars adds to my kitchen, and the pop of red, white, and blue makes me smile every time I walk by!

Happy Independence Day!  Do you have anything special planned?

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