Friday, June 26

5 Fandom Friday: Character Wardrobes!

5 Fandom Friday is a link-up hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick that I want to get more involved in now that I've decided to jump right in and embrace my geeky side here on the blog - I always love seeing my friends' cute posts. I missed last week's perfect topic, so I'm just gonna go for it this week - Characters with my favorite fictional fashion. You can see the upcoming prompts here at the master post (this week's is actually fandom guilty pleasures if you don't want to be a rebel with me).

Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White, Once Upon a Time

Mary Margaret was the first character I really fell in love with on Once Upon a Time. I've loved Ginnifer Goodwin since she was in Mona Lisa Smile (speaking of great wardrobes), and without Mary Margaret giving Henry the storybook, Emma would still be bounty hunting in Boston. Mary Margaret's teacher wardrobe full of modest dresses, lace blouses, and cardigans is perfect - it basically looks like she bought stock in ModCloth and it's how I would dress for work every day if I had an unlimited budget! The costume department also puts her in adorable outerwear for all the winter scenes the cast films in fictional Storybrooke, Maine.  In Snow White mode, she's definitely the best dressed bandit in the Enchanted Forest.

Scarlett O'Connor, Nashville

One of the main reasons I watch Nashville is to see what Music City's resident Bohemian songbird will be wearing. Some of Scarlett's outfits verge on hobo, but they suit her singer-songwriter persona and Clare Bowen always looks adorable in them - come on, there is no way a real person could pull off those huge sweaters and flowy dresses!

Jemma Simmons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Besides being adorable, Agent Simmons demonstrates perfect practical workplace style. She pairs her pants and sneakers with pretty printed and colorblocked tops and makes more casual pieces work-appropriate by layering them with Peter Pan collared shirts and blazers. Is it just me, or did her style get a little sassier after she became a double agent for Hydra?

Rose DeWitt-Bukater, Titanic

Kate Winslet's costumes in Titanic are practically a character on their own - after all, we see her hat before we see her face, and we instantly know that she's high-class (it's one of my all-time favorite character introductions). I was already obsessed with the Victorian period when I saw Titanic as a middle schooler (thanks, Samantha Parkington!) There's a reason all of my high school Homecoming dresses had some sort of mesh overlay going on. There's a reason I wanted to get pointe shoes. There's a reason I got so excited to see several of the costumes from the movie at the Titanic Museum. And the reason is Rose, my seventh grade feminist icon.

Claire Beauchamp Fraser, Outlander

Oh Sassenach, you know that true love sometimes means wearing really uncomfortable clothing. Diana Gabaldon does a great job describing Claire's clothes in the novels and the costuming department for the television series has done an amazing job creating pieces that are not necessarily identical to Claire's outfits in the book, but perfect for the time period and atmosphere of the show (even her smart 1940's outfits match the show's earthy color palette). I can't wait until the show gets to the events of Dragonfly in Amber so we can see the dresses she wears in Paris!

Which fictional characters' closets would you love to raid?

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