Friday, June 5

My June Favorites

June Favorites

1. LOFT t-shirt - This tee is the softest thing ever, the cement green color is really unique, and the  leafy print reminds me of the tropics. Can I wear it every day this summer?

2. Apt. 9 dress from Kohl's - Along with my new favorite tee, here's my new favorite dress - it's made of t-shirt material and it has pockets, so it was amazing for the last few weeks of school when the air conditioner wasn't quite cutting through the humidity.

3. Cluster stud earrings - I started following Whoa, Wait, Walmart? on Instagram and when I saw these very Kate Spade-ish cluster earrings I was pretty much at my local Wal-Mart the next day.

4. Denzien cropped jeans from Target - I don't know if capri pants have completely gone out of style in favor of those hideous palazzo pants or what, but I was so happy to finally find these! They were perfect for field day at school and I know they'll be great for camp.

5. S'mores Oreos - Graham cracker oreos with chocolate and marshmallow cream! SO GOOD.

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