Tuesday, August 2

pinspiration: fiesta forever

Since school starts next week for us, I have to remind myself that it is still actually summer. I'm going to be intentional about this - that means sitting on the patio after school, going to local festivals on the weekends, and crashing my sister-in-law's pool as much as possible. Another thing that's definitely going to remind me that summer is still in full force? The heat! It's still in the 90's here in Virginia and very, very humid. Finally, the Rio Olympics begin tomorrow with the Opening Ceremonies, and I'll get to feed my Olympics obsession. Four years ago, as the London Olympics drew to a close, I celebrated the Closing Ceremonies by experimenting with some Brazilian recipes - my favorites were the pan fried herbed pork chops, hearts of palm and avocado salad, and avocado-coconut milkshake. I also did one of my one and only fashion DIYs - my Olympics Ring tie-dyed shirt. This year, I'm thinking I'll be a little less literal with my Olympics-inspired fashion: instead of a shoutout to Baron de Coubertin, I'll be incorporating some Rio-inspired colors into my wardrobe, like this summer's Pantone pick, fiesta red. For this week's Pinspiration, I've also thrown in a Joni Mitchell quote because my 70's obsession, like the humidity, isn't going away any time soon.

Will you be watching the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night?

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