Wednesday, August 31

fall 2016 tv preview!

fall 2016 tv premieres i'm looking forward to

I'm posting the annual fall TV roundup today because one of my faves, You're the Worst, returns tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern. I love my fall TV, and I'm rounding up the show's I'm either looking forward or just plain curious about here.


Once Upon a Time (8p, ABC, Sept. 25)

My favorite show really went off the rails in the last season, but I'm hopeful that this one will be better. Lana Parilla, arguably one of the most talented actors on the show, will get to do double duty this season as both Storybrooke mayor Regina Mills and the Evil Queen. Emma and Hook are confirmed true love. The Disney shout-out this season will be Aladdin. Let's focus on the positives and not the potential mess that is the Land of Untold Stories.


The Big Bang Theory (8p, CBS, Sept. 19, Thursdays starting Oct. 27)

Will watch this season for Katey Segal and Jack McBrayer's appearances as Penny's family members, and pregnant Bernadette.

The Voice (8p, NBC, Sept. 19)

Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. I'm intrigued.

Supergirl (8p, CW, Oct. 10)

I'm generally not a huge DC Comics fan, but I just can't quit Supergirl - and neither could the CW, which has taken over the show's rights from CBS. Between adorable Kara Danvers and sassy Cat Grant, it's an hour of fun escapism and goofy villains - plus, Superman will be an actual character this season instead of just a guy who texts Kara a lot.

Fresh Off the Boat (9p, ABC, Oct. 11)

I love this show. Jessica Huang is my role model.

The Good Place (10p, NBC, Sept. 19)

I just love Kristen Bell. The premise of this one is really cheesy (bad girl accidentally gets into Heaven), but it looks cute (because Kristen Bell).

Conviction (10p, ABC, Oct. 3)

I'm not going to lie, I'm not psyched about this show's concept (former First Daughter and lawyer with a drug problem takes a job for the New York District Attorney to avoid jail time), but I love Hayley Atwell too much not to tune in. Emily Kinney from the Walking Dead will also be in this one. I wish they could just be Peggy Carter and Beth forever...

Timeless (10p, NBC, Oct. 3)

This is one of the new shows I am most excited about this year - Goran Visnjic (Luka from ER) plays a steals a time machine with the intent of destroying America as we know it. A team consisting of a scientist, a history professor, and a soldier use the machine's prototype to try to stop the criminal. The costumes and sets look beautiful.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (10p, ABC, Sept. 20)

Last season was full of WTF moments and Fitzsimmons drama and shipping, and I'm looking forward to what's next for my actual favorite Marvel characters. Jason O'Mara is joining the cast as the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the cast has been teasing on social media that the 10:00 time slot will allow for edgier content.

This Is Us (10p, NBC, Sept. 20 / 9p, Oct. 11)

This ensemble piece about characters who share the same birthday and whose lives are entertwined features Mandy Moore, so I am in.

Drunk History (10:30p, Comedy Central, Sept. 27)

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dave Grohl will both be on the series this season! That's all I need to know.


The Goldbergs (8p, ABC, Sept. 21)

Wednesday fun.

Total Bellas (8p, E!, Oct. 5)

Will this show about twin sisters who are professional wrestlers and the men who love them (made famous by Total Divas, I guess E! figured out that every other character in that show was annoying) be total trash TV? Yes it will. And I will totally watch it.

Speechless (8:30p, ABC, Sept. 21)

I'm intrigued by the concept of a family comedy centering on a teenager with special needs.

You're the Worst (10p, FXX, Aug. 31)

Season 2 of You're the Worst was surprisingly deep and I appreciated the way the show's writers handled Gretchen's clinical depression, including the tense moment when Jimmy finally shouted at her to "snap out of it!" Anyone who has ever dealt with depression knows why that scene crushed me - I vividly remember having to teach Mr. Q how my depression was actually a medical condition and not a bad mood. Then Jimmy built Gretchen a fort and held her through the night and I cried again. This season, Gretchen will enter therapy and Samira Wiley (from OiTNB) will play her therapist. 


Pitch (9p, Fox, Sept. 22)

This series about a female pitcher who gets a job in the MLB looks awesome.

Life in Pieces (9:30p, CBS, Oct. 27)

Last year, Mr. Q and I were surprised by how much we liked this show about a big family. It doesn't quite fill the Parenthood gap, leaning more toward Modern Family style comedy than shmaltz, but it's good. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally will be guest starring in the opening episode of this season, which should be hilarious.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (9p, CW, Oct. 21)

I totally love this show and can't wait for another season of zany antics and weird musical numbers. Now that Josh knows everything about why Rebecca moved to West Covina, but she and Greg are clearly meant to be, things should get really awkward - and that's when this show is at its best.


Saturday Night Live (NBC, TBA)

It'll be interesting to watch Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon on a post-Ghostbusters SNL!


Easy (Netflix, Sept. 22)

I haven't heard much about this anthology series, but the cast includes Orlando Bloom, Jake Johnson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Aya Cash, so I'm going to give it a shot.

Luke Cage (Netflix, Sept. 30)

Mike Colter has been fantastic on Jessica Jones, so seeing him get to star in his own series will be great. I know basically nothing about this character.

The Mindy Project (Hulu, Oct. 4)

I can't decide whether I even want Mindy and Danny to be together anymore, but I am looking forward to Mindy's real-life BFF B.J. Novak making another appearance this season.

Good Girls Revolt (Amazon, October 28)

Based on the 1970 sex discrimination suit against Newsweek by 46 female employees including Nora Ephron and starring Anna Camp, I'm hoping to read the Lynn Povich book this is based on before the show premieres.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Netflix, Nov. 25)



  1. I just watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend over summer and I loved it.

  2. This is super helpful and a great reminder of some shows that might have sneaked up on me! Thanks!

  3. I think I may need to do some binge-watching - both Once Upon A Time and The Big Bang Theory to begin. I'm also intrigued by the show definitely sounds like a show that I'll be interested in - I love anything to do with time travel.