Thursday, July 16

real life: my early summer in instagram.

Here's a peek at my real life via Instagram lately...

Finally trying Jamberry nails - haven't quite gotten the hang
of the application process, but I really liked the way they looked
until the ends started to peel. / Go-to summer outfit with this
unbelievably comfy tee from LOFT (now on sale for $8!)

I turned 30 in May and Mr. Q and my friends threw me an 80's
themed party! We had a great time and I couldn't resist giving
 everyone a few 80's goodies. My mom got me this purple orchid 
as a birthday gift.

After the Paul McCartney concert in Charlottesville, my mom
and I took a day to shop and walk around UVa. The construction
to the Rotunda is kind of mind-blowing and Thomas Jefferson's
life-size statue is temporarily living in the Harrison Institute.

Summer flowers: the arrangements we made for Mandi's wedding
looked so cute in the chapel. Also loving my July 4th sunflowers!

This month, I'm participating in several style challenges on
Instagram - they're fun and motivate me to put on something
other than pajamas during summer break! Here's my fave
graphic tee (TOMS for Target) and a simple (messy) hairstyle.

My StitchFix tank paired with a Goodwill skirt, and my new
straw tote from TJ Maxx (ready for the beach... I wish).

Mr. Q and I had a pretty perfect Friday on the Greenway - it
was rainy and overcast so there weren't swarms of other
bikers yelling "on your left" every five minutes!

Patriotic fun for the Women's World Cup final - loved my 
sister-in-law's reaction to Team USA's win!

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