Friday, May 2

My May Favorites [Favorite Things Link-Up]

My May Favorites

1.  Lia Sophia Valencia necklace - I'm on a statement necklace kick right now thanks to the obsession with Lia Sophia that's been going around my social circle.  I resisted this beauty at first because I couldn't see how it would fit into my wardrobe, but I finally had to give in to temptation.  The orange, coral, and cream beads are so pretty together and the matte silver chain is really unique.  I've paired the necklace with tan, white, gray, and navy blue so far.

2.  Sam & Libby flats - I love that Target has picked up this classic brand!  I live in flats, and these have a nice comfortable lining.  The bow is so cute and I like the fawn color for spring outfits.

3.  Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer - I swear by this stuff!  I am a very pale person by nature and this moisturizer helps me build a nice, natural looking color on my face while actually protecting me from the sun's harmful rays with SPF!  It's a win-win and I've never had any problems with streaking.

4.  Total Divas - I included this show in my entertainment round-up for April and called it a guilty pleasure.  I felt much less guilty when I found out that my BFF Breeze is also addicted!  The drama-filled world of WWE divas just happens to be very entertaining.

5.  Pandora - How awesome is Internet radio?  I have stations based on my favorite songs, favorite artists, and my moods.  On our eighth grade field trip earlier this month, one of my students who is going through a tough time right now came to sit with me and we swapped phones to listen to each other's Pandora stations - it was a really neat way to bond with a student through our love of music!  I love having the Pandora app on my phone so that I can listen to my favorite music no matter where I am.

6.  Yoga - I've been taking yoga for two semesters now through our local parks and recreation department.  I am the youngest person in my class by a LOT of years but I absolutely love it.  I tried yoga in college but was usually intimidated by the pretty, skinny, put-together girls who came in full makeup and pearl earrings!  My class is more of a t-shirts and sweatpants kind of group, everyone supports each other, and my teacher is wonderful.  She always explains and models the poses with modifications for people suffering from injuries as well as those ready for a challenge.  I push myself every week and I've noticed that my muscles look more toned and my flexibility has improved - my goal for this semester has been to put my heels all the way down on the mat when I'm in Downward Dog, and I'm almost there!

Blue Diamond Almondmilk Coconutmilk - I know it's a little weird to have a milk substitute on my list of favorite things, but hey, I love this stuff and drink it every day in my cereal or in my coffee (shaken up it makes an awesome latte-like foam).  It has 50% more calcium than dairy milk, which I really appreciate because my grandmother and mother both dealt with osteoporosis and I want to keep my bones dense!  I find that my skin is clearer and that I have fewer allergy symptoms when I avoid dairy.

Camelbak Podium Chill - My cyclist husband bought me one of these awesome water bottles with fuchsia accents to match my bike and most of my exercise gear.  It's the perfect fit for the bottle cage on my bike but also great to throw in my yoga bag.  The best part is that the valve locks to completely prevent water from leaking out in transit!

Life As I Know It


  1. Being the total Target addict that I am, I'm embarrassed to say that it's been a long time since I've checked out their shoes. Those flats are adorable!

    I used to wear the Jergens, but for some reason I've stopped. I love the glow it gives me, and I heard that they've toned down the fake tan smell.

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


    1. The Sam and Libby shoes are a little more expensive than typical Target shoes but they also seem a little better quality.

      The fake tan smell is GONE!