Saturday, December 14

Turn it Up! [my favorite Christmas songs - #12DC]

my favorite Christmas songs

Just like trying to narrow the list of amazing Christmas movies down to one, I couldn't pick just one favorite Christmas song!  I think I have a different favorite song each week of December!  As Christmas gets closer, though, I'm always most drawn to traditional hymns and songs that remind me of the true meaning of Christmas.

Oh, Holy Night

One of my all-time favorites is "Oh, Holy Night," and yes NSYNCs version is still my ultimate fave (I love Christina Aguilera's version too!).

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

I fell in love with this hymn the first time I heard it, sung by my friends' choir, Jubilate, in the Gothic chapel at UVa.  The lights were dimmed and there were candles in the windows, and it was the perfect atmosphere for this song.

Breath of Heaven

I heard this song for the first time at the school where I teach, in a winter choir concert. Hearing this Amy Grant song, which tells the Christmas story from Mary's point of view, sung by a teenage girl (like Mary herself was) was really breathtaking.

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

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  1. I love all three songs you picked. Especially the last two. Soooo beautiful. They always make me tear up thinking of their meaning

  2. Great choices, I'm so glad you shared and I love all 3 of your selections! Check out Erin who also linked up - she posted a fresh version of "Breath of Heaven" that I really enjoyed.

    Thanks for linking up!