Sunday, March 27

Invitation and Flower Girl Success!

Two more wedding decisions checked off the list this weekend!

First, invitations. Our stationer (who is Mr. Spin's cousin!) will be custom designing invitations for us using materials and art from the Envelopments line. We ordered embassy size ecru invitations on a zircon (periwinkle shimmer) backing with lavender hydrangea artwork and names, RSVP cards with lavender hydrangea artwork and envelopes with return address printed in black ink, and envelopes with zircon liners and return address printed on the flap with wraparound art. I'll have some proofs to look over soon!


Second, our flower girl's dress. My mom and I took our flower girl and her mom shopping and started out at Burlington Coat Factory, where we were able to find a perfect dress for half the price the exact same dress would cost at the mall! Breanna loved getting to shop for "princess dresses" at first, and was skipping around the store chanting, "princess dresses, princess dresses!" but then had a little meltdown in the dressing room after trying three different ivory dresses on. The tags were driving her crazy. But once we got a Happy Meal in her and got her home, she was happy to try the dress on and spin around- "everybody look at me!"

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  1. Hello from Weddingbee!

    Yay for crossing things off - and yay for avoiding major flower girl melt down!