Saturday, March 19

card storage

I think traditional card boxes are ugly. Even the ones that are stacks of hatboxes made to look like cakes, which are a definite step up from the traditional, don't do anything for me, style wise.

I found this image of a wooden card box that I really liked when we were still considering a winery as our potential venue. It would be gorgeous at a winery wedding, but might look strange in our ballroom setting. It was back to the drawing board.

Birdcage card boxes are quite popular and I think they are pretty to boot. Inexpensive versions are available from Save on Crafts and from Oriental Trading.

Glass card vases/bowls are also aesthetically pleasing.

Then I saw Nicole-Lynn's DIY card lantern at Seaside Smitten. I think we may have a winner. Here are some lanterns that I think would match the aesthetic of our wedding:

Large White Moroccan Lantern

Contemporary Candle Lantern

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