Tuesday, March 22

Thank You Sign Idea

I'm sure you've seen "Thank You" parasols like these before... they are very popular in the wedding blogosphere these days. I tossed out the idea of using parasols as photo props for our wedding because neither Mr. Spin or my mom really understood how cute they can be! The biggest argument was that we're not getting married at the beach or outdoors so just buying parasols for a photo op seems like a waste of money. I can understand that reasoning.

This week we received a sweet thank-you note from a recently married friend. They used an online photo processing service to have a photo printed onto cards... and the picture was very similar to the one above, which Mrs. Trail mix used in her farewell post on Weddingbee today.

Not a parasol. And totally adorable.

Which got my gears turning. What could we use that would suit our vintage/elegant/literary inspired decor?

Then I got an idea, and of course it's not really all that original after all. A quick Google image search showed me not only that this idea has been done before, but that it can be adorable!

Chalkboard thank you photos!

How awesome is the vintage frame on the above chalkboard? Mr. Spin and I did propose to me in MY CLASSROOM, after all, and I'm already planning to use chalkboards for the menus. Time to hit up Goodwill for some vintage frames and Lowes for some chalkboard paint!

Are you hopping aboard the photo thank-you card train? Will you be using any props?

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