Thursday, May 21

my spring in instagram.

So, I haven't posted an Instagram round-up since November. Lifestyle blogger fail. Just believe me when I say winter wasn't so bad this year, and spring has been pretty awesome.

School snaps: my kids have a sense of humor, but they can
also be deep thinkers when it's poetry analysis time.


New fitness routine: I have started a walking club that is a
spin-off of Mr. Q's cycling club - purple shoes and beautiful
countryside paths help me stay motivated.

More teaching life - a neon wall of homophone posters in 
my classroom and my sweet girls on our D.C. field trip.

Day trip to Raleigh - we picked up B's new bike and visited
the Flying Saucer's downtown location.

Easter at Elevation Roanoke with my sweet sister-in-law,
then picking up some new flowers for my container garden.

My sister-in-law's new ink and Paint Nite with my BFF, Breeze.

Mr. Q's relay team won the Smith Mountian Lake Triathlon
this year! It's a lot of fun to watch the swimmers, bikers,
and runners while hanging out at the State Park all day.

Breeze and I had a much-needed bestie weekend that included
seeing Ashley Monroe from the Pistol Annies perform in
a brand-new venue and a tasting at a local winery.

What are you up to this spring? Follow me on Instagram here.

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