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April Favorites

April Favorites

Here's what I'm loving this month...

1. 80's Movies - I go through movie phases where all I want to watch is one genre - action, spaceships, whatever. Right now it's 80's movies, specifically the John Hughes canon and Dirty Dancing. Seriously want to have an 80's dance party for my 30th birthday.

2. Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender - It's purple and it smells like spring; what more could you need.

3. The Outlander series - I haven't been this obsessed with a series for a long time, maybe even since Harry Potter. Mr. Q makes fun of my "medieval porn" (I correct him - if anything it's Georgian porn), but I'm completely smitten with Claire and Jamie's love story and their crazy adventures in 1700s Scotland, France, and the high seas. So far I like Voyager better than Dragonfly in Amber.

4. New sneakers - To prepare for this semester's field trip to Washington, D.C. and my membership in a walking club, I went to the fancy running shoe store in town and got my feet measured and such. As soon as the salesman pulled these babies, the Brooks Ravenna 5, out of the box, I was hoping they'd be a perfect fit. SO PURPLE! And also, so comfortable. I made it through the day on the National Mall without a single blister.

5. Paint Nite - My Christmas gift for Breeze this past year was a gift certificate for a night of "drinking creatively," and we finally cashed it in. So. Much. Fun. The instructors make the actual painting part a no-brainer, and the activities we did while waiting for the paint to dry between steps were great "no one knows us here" fun.

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