Tuesday, January 22

who to follow on instagram: winter edition

Instagram is by far the most-used app on my phone.  Even when I'm not taking pictures myself, I like to check my feed to see what my favorite Instagrammers are up to.  If you're just getting started with the popular photography app, Instagram gives you the option of automatically following your Facebook friends.  If you want to go beyond photos of your college roommate's cat or what your coworker ate for dinner, here are a few accounts that post consistently awesome content:

  • elsiecake - one of the authors of A Beautiful Mess shares cute DIY and lifestyle shots, including previews of what she's planning on featuring on her blog.
  • KissMySpatula - beautifully composed images from a foodie photographer and blogger.
  • thepinkdiary - what sets this account apart from millions of other fashion Instagrammers is how perfectly each picture is composed.
  • witanddelight_ - blogger Kate Arends has an eye for modern design and shares colorful slice of life images on her IG feed.

Are you on Instagram?  I'd love to follow you - leave your username in a comment to this post (you can follow me here).

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  1. I am always looking for new Instagrammers. Thx for sharing! Can't wait to check these out!