Friday, January 18

snow day

Yesterday ended up being the unexpected end of first semester - the weather forecast called for six inches of snow and we were on a two hour early dismissal schedule.  I had hugs to give and final projects to return and not a lot of academic work was accomplished, but sometimes that's okay.  Today's snow day would be much more productive if I wasn't dealing with some sort of respiratory infection (I refuse to consider the possibility that I may have the flu) and general end-of-term burnout.  My snow day so far has consisted of pajamas, daytime cold medicine, Breathe Easy tea, Nutella, and the stack of books on my nightstand.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry you were I'll for snow day. We've had a lot of snow here in Enland for over a week now, quite unheard of but BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE it!