Wednesday, April 13

wedding wednesday: spring table number ideas.

Since my last post on creative table number ideas was posted two years ago, I wanted to take a look at current trends that savvy brides and party planners are drawing on to help their guests find a spot to sit! While I know not everyone is a fan of numbered tables at events, as a person with anxiety, I personally love knowing exactly where to go and being able to avoid that middle school lunchroom feeling. Table numbers (or names) can also be a great way to tie in the theme of the event or add a subtle nod to the couples' or hosts' interests.

Garden-inspired elements will always be popular for spring events, and this mock table setting from Pressed Cotton (via Snippet + Ink) cleverly uses a twisted fork (perhaps from a flea market or thrift shop) to hold a simple printed card that complements the fresh white linens and greenery of the centerpieces. If this style is too simple, a printed bee or floral design would be a nice element, but with an embroidered tablecloth and textured elements already on the table I think the simple number is breath of fresh air.

Some simple but creative takes on a garden theme: a metal marker and a painted lantern. These ideas could be easily adapted for a smaller event by using plant markers with a fun quote, or using gold Sharpie to write a favorite song lyric or birthday year on lantern glass.

A vinyl number on a sparkling-clean carafe adds a modern touch to a traditional tablescape from Life in Bloom.

Hand-painted table numbers go from romantic to bohemian depending on how they're paired with other design features.

A vinyl number on a vintage lightbulb lends an industrial touch to a rustic wedding - this is an idea I'd never have had in a million years, but I love it.

Another industrial-inspired touch paired with a classic centerpiece: this stenciled number on wood lends a rustic look.

Finally, I adore this whimsical carved table number paired with mercury glass and pink roses.

What's your take on table numbers - are they
the mark of a pushy host, or a punch of personality?


  1. It was just great to have these creative table number ideas. The last one took my heart away. I will also be having grand floral wedding at some domestic Seattle venues and I think this idea will practically look great with my wedding theme.

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