Thursday, April 7

lately in instagram.

It's been a while since I recapped my life's happenings and
wanderings through the lens of Instagram! Here's what
I've been up to since the winter holidays...

Fun around Roanoke: the annual "Guns and Hoses" hockey
game between local law enforcement and firemen, and
ice skating on the new outdoor rink in Elmwood Park.

Happy mail from Germany and fun with friends

Snow day opportunities to find peace and take things slow
(and make this colorful, healthy salad from Not Without Salt)

Valentine's Day sweets - Voting in the Virginia primary

Busy teacher - In March I had the opportunity to visit a local
magnet school with co-taught classes and a working barn!

Best necklace ever, a gift from my coworker - My family

Easter selfie in the church parking lot + VIP seating

Spring break lunch date with Mr. Q + visiting Grounds 
with my favorite girls (totally stole this picture!)

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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you've been having a charming time since holidays. :)