Friday, February 22

february blog loves: a year of love!

Here are the blogs I'm loving this month.  It's hard to believe that I've been compiling these posts for a year now after participating in Literally Inspired's Blog Romance link party!

  • Note to Self - Sarah's blog is elegant, classy, and one of the closest things to a glossy magazine in the blog world.  Her design skills constantly impress me.  My favorite features are the monthly PlaylistHers/Mine, and Words for the Week.
  • The Vintage Housewife has a really fun premise:  the author, Christine, stumbled upon vintage home ec textbooks, and, having always been drawn the June Cleaver era, decided to take on the challenge of becoming the perfect 1950's housewife.  So far, that's included dressing up to go grocery shopping, having flatware engraved, and skinning a tomato.  I think she could totally get a book deal out of this project.
What are your current blog addictions?

Featured in the first year of Blog Loves: 


  1. Love it! I should probably do a post like this soon :)

  2. I just saw that you talked up my blog! Thanks so much! It's great to know that someone actually reads it! :-D

    1. Hooray! I really do get a kick out of your posts, I think living like a vintage housewife is such a cute idea for a blog and you're a very funny writer.