Thursday, February 28

my winter in instagram.

We've had quite a few snow days so far this winter, but the snowfalls
have been small enough that I haven't had to do any scary driving.

A peek at my jewelry storage and a close-up of my favorite necklace.

Scenes from my kitchen: healthy color and a considerably less 
healthy lemon poppyseed bundt cake.

Our friend B moved into his own home and we celebrated the Super
Bowl there with a potluck party and Big Game Bingo.

Two of my guilty pleasures: nail polish and the world of wedding 
planning.  My best friend Breeze found a dress for her September
wedding and I can't wait to help her plan her big day!

If it's classic, I'll take it: some recent buys from Old Navy and LOFT 
and my all-time favorite C.O. Bigelow perfume.

I am happiest when my kitchen contains fresh flowers and baked
goods.  Right now, I'm pretty happy!


  1. I love fresh flowers, especially tulips. Old Navy and Loft are both on my favorite list. Thanks for stopping by my blog I love meeting new readers