Wednesday, February 27

inspiration for a city hall wedding

True story: both my best friend and I considered city hall weddings - so Carrie and Mr. Big, so little fuss- but conceded to the fact that we have huge families and groups of friends who love weddings.  And, party planners at heart, both of us have gone the "let's have a quick ceremony and focus on the reception!" route.  However, I think one of the real draws of a city hall wedding is that the whole focus is on the ceremony - the vows, the promise, the marriage.  

There's something so romantic about a wedding just for two, or a small, intimate gathering of loved ones.

It doesn't hurt if you live in a big city (like San Francisco) where the City Hall is as gorgeous as any wedding venue.  We don't have those here in rural Virginia - our town halls are about as exciting as the DMV!

I love the unique setting a city hall wedding provides for photographers - I think creative portraits of people in love in a setting usually associated with work would be so much fun to shoot!

Taras and Dasha by Winnie Au for Refinery29 | Lin and Steve by Winnie Au for Refinery29

Both of these pictures were taken in New York City, further supporting my vision of city hall weddings as urban, sophisticated, and mysterious!

Would you consider a city hall wedding?


  1. We had a city hall wedding (the only legal way to get married in Germany). Lucky for us, city hall was under construction, so the wedding was moved to the library building, a beautiful buidling from the late 1700s. LOVED everything about our wedding!

    1. My parents had a justice of the peace wedding in the 1960's and I have always loved the idea of an intimate wedding ceremony!