Wednesday, September 30

My September [Fab] Favorites

My September [Fab] Favorites

My September [Fab] Favorites

1. The Mindy Project - I got Hulu. For Mindy Kaling. And I have no regrets. So far there are only two episodes in the new season, but they've been amazing - the first episode flipped between Danny's trip to meet Mindy's parents in India and Mindy's It's a Wonderful Life style vision of her life without Danny as her boyfriend. In the second episode, Leo Castellano had the most New York City birth of any TV baby ever. 

2. Salted Caramel Frappucino - It's not quite cold enough for the PSL around these parts, so this has been my go-to fancy drink. I'm also just going through a general salted caramel craving phase - gelato, candy, what have you, it's probably actually a sodium deficiency or something but I can't get enough.

3. Fall sweaters - Sweaters are my favorite - I'm so ready for cool temperatures just so I can wear my new ones! I ordered this striped Flamingo Urban cardigan from Groopdealz - I've seen it on some other daily deal sites, too, and decided I needed to snap it up. My other favorite is this Old Navy marled dolman - hallelujah for being able to order petite sizes online.

4. Wine Country collection at Bath and Body Works - I like subtle scents and most of the ones in this collection fit the bill. Black Cherry Merlot and Champagne Vineyard Kiss are my favorite soaps, and the Sundrenched Vineyard candle smells amazing.

5. Gold foil tech wallpapers - Y'all, it's the little things in life that truly bring us joy, and one of my favorite little things is changing the wallpaper on my computers and phone every month. I finally had the genius revelation that I can have different patterns on my phone's lock screen and wallpaper - so of course I went with gold foil designs for both.

6. All things Star Wars, including my new earrings from Zulily - I'm not sure how I feel about Star Wars being a cool thing to like now (my 11-year-old self who was scared to read Young Jedi Knights on the school bus is definitely jealous of the girls who get to wear whole Star Wars outfits in public now), but I'm definitely reaping the benefits. And yes, I bought two pairs of earrings for the sole purpose of wearing one of each so that C3-PO and R2-D2 can be together forever.

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