Tuesday, April 28

style: top 10 remix challenge

Jen from Librarian for Life and Style recently posted about the Top 10 Remix Challenge, hosted by Sarah's Real Life. I've been a little obsessed with closet downsizing this year and intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but I don't like the idea of leaving perfectly good clothes in a closet or drawer because they aren't part of my "capsule." That's what makes the Top 10 Remix perfect - instead of limiting the total number of items in a wardrobe, Sarah's challenging remixers to choose ten items that are the epitome of their style, then work at least one of those ten items into each outfit worn in a month. I took  a weekend to think about my items - if I'd be wearing them so regularly, they needed to be versatile and classic. I think of my personal style as preppy meets bohemian, and I've been shopping within a navy, coral, and teal accent color palette since my vacation to Williamsburg. Here are the ten items I chose to remix this month:

1. Old Navy floral scarf  2. Old Navy coral cardigan (similar)  3. Lia Sophia pearl bracelets (similar)  4. TOMS for Target tee  5. LOFT striped boatneck tank  6. Sam and Libby for Target flats  7. Target lace-front sweater  8. Teal Old Navy sweater (similar)  9. Old Navy swiss dot blouse  10. LOFT jeans

Here are the first four outfits I put together for the challenge... it was fun to have something like this to do over Spring Break.

Saturday, April 4 - day trip to Raleigh with Mr. Q and B - #1 Old Navy scarf, pink Target tee, #10 LOFT jeans, Old Navy bucket purse (similar) and Bare Traps sandals

Sunday, April 5 - Easter morning service at Elevation church - Lia Sophia pearl earrings (similar), Old Navy gray sweatshirt dress (similar), # 1 Old Navy scarf, Old Navy cardigan, #3 Lia Sophia pearl bracelets and Target boots

Monday, April 6 - shopping with mom - #2 coral Old Navy cardigan, #4 TOMS for Target arrow tee, #10 LOFT jeans, Bare Traps sandals

Tuesday, April 7 - #7 Target lace sweater, Target navy tank, Lia Sophia flower necklace, #10 LOFT jeans, #6 Sam and Libby for Target flats

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