Thursday, April 9

if i could...

If I could*...

... Read only one literary genre, it would be YA fantasy.

... Live anywhere, it would be in a small city where I could walk to work, the library, and shops but still have room for a garden.

... Be anything, I would be a published YA author.

... Play any instrument, it would be the fiddle. 

... Drink only one thing besides water, it would be sweet tea.

... Meet any celebrity, it would be Dave Grohl.

... Relive one day, it would be the day my parents and I spent on Tybee Island in Georgia.

... Watch only one show forever, it would be That 70's Show, my all time favorite.

... Eat only one kind of food for the rest of my life, it would be pasta... but like a magical pasta that wouldn't make me gain weight!

... Only wear one outfit, it would be yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Sorry, work.

... Hug anyone right now, it would be my bestie in Seattle, the Lucy to my Ethel.

*Post idea shamelessly ripped off from Micah, Holly, Erin, and Katie.


  1. Love this. I'd like to see you meet Dave Grohl. :)

    1. If I ever meet Dave Grohl I will be unable to speak; he'll be like "who is this preppy girl?" and I'll be saying DAVE YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING but it will just come out as weird dolphin noises.