Wednesday, April 8

inspiration: restaurant wedding receptions

There are a lot of great reasons to choose a favorite restaurant as a wedding reception venue: being in a beloved place can offset wedding-day anxiety, small venues keep guest lists (and prices) down, and you know the food will be fantastic! Decorating is relatively easy because tables, linens, and candles are usually already a given. Restaurants, bistros, pubs, and tap rooms are also a great place to meet up with family and friends following a town hall wedding or elopement. Today I've rounded up some beautiful restaurant reception photos and ideas from around the web.

Wouldn't it be romantic to hold your wedding reception in the same place where you had your first date, or where your proposal took place? Some couples may choose to hold their reception in a restaurant that has been a family favorite for years - a sweet nod to tradition and community.

Why try to recreate a design style you love using expensive rentals when you can have an intimate reception in an authentic space? I love the idea of using a restaurant's existing spaces - bars, counters, tables, and patios - to offer guests an evening to remember.

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