Tuesday, February 10

style challenge: pinterest inspired

I've fallen a bit behind in the Putting Me Together weekly style challenges, so if I can get my act together and not get totally overwhelmed with school work, I'll try to do two this week! Challenge #3 was one I knew I could handle - a Pinterest inspired outfit.  The challenge was picking which Pin to copy.  When the weather turned unseasonably warm this past weekend (By warm I mean for Virginia in January), I really wanted to break out my herringbone vest. Since it's one of the trendiest pieces in the blog world, I knew there'd be lots of styling ideas on Pinterest.

Here's my version, and here's the Pin:

Recently I had a conversation on another blog about how certain items are popular on blogs but maybe not so much in the real world.  Remember when every blogger was wearing bubble necklaces from J. Crew?  I bought a mini version from GroopDealz and called it a day, and today one of our math teachers had on the large version - the first large bubble necklace I have ever seen in real life.  I haven't seen another herringbone vest around here, but my co-workers make fun of me because I paid over retail on Ebay for it - my work BFF sent me a Snapchat of a girl wearing one when she was traveling in a college town.  I've worn it so many times, though, that I think my silly over-spend was worth it!  Have you bought any "trendy" items after seeing them on blogs or Pinterest?

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  1. Can I say that I love both versions?!?! I love a good sweater and vest combo!!! :)